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Artist in Residence – Almaty, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan - Zoe Benbow, Artist in Residence

‘Water, sky, earth, coast, no landscape exists out of context: like anything else landscape is as subject to the effects of time, culture, power, ownership and ecology as it is to its poetical, historical and gendered constructions’

– Deryn Rees-Jones, 2012

14th-26th May 2015:

Zoe is artist in residence in Kumbel Almaty at the invitation of the British-Kazakh Society London. She will undertake landscape research and cultural exchange projects.

May 24th 2015 at 5PM:

Museum Talk at Kasteev Museum of Contemporary Arts, Almaty

Zoe will discuss her landscape paintings and contextualise her practice within a European tradition – intending to engage a lively dialogue from a Kazakhstan perspective.